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Battery Chargers & Jumpers

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    Unit of Measure: Sold Individually

    SKU# mt-04400

  • Genius GB40 Boost+ UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter (6 units per case -Min order of 1 case)

    Unit of Measure: 6 Per Case

    SKU# NOCO-GB40

    Sold in 6 units/case with Min order of 1case

    Price shown is per case

    • Lithium Ion 1000A Peak Current Rating Portable Jumper Box
    • ZERO Spark - ZERO Compromise
    • HD Battery Clamps
    • 12V 2.1 A USB Charger
    • 40" USB to Micro USB Cable
    • Dimensions(LxWxH) 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.7 Inches Weight = 1 lbs (2.1 lbs w/clamps)
    • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight with 7 Modes
    • This portable charger can hold its charge up to one year and can handle over 1,000 cycles. It features spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.

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  • Portable Power Sources 1500 Peak Amp

    Unit of Measure: each

    SKU# EZ-EZ916-1500

  • Portable Power Sources 1700 Peak Amp

    Unit of Measure: each

    SKU# EZ-EZ916-1700

  • Jump-N-Carry Pro 660

    Unit of Measure: Sold Individually

    SKU# mt-3736

    660 Amps Of Portable Starting Power

    1,700 Peak Amp Jumper Box

    Includes FREE Lighter Plug Adapter

    A portable jump starter that works with any 12 volt starting system. Built-in charger recharges the battery by plugging into any extension cord. Maintenance-free battery based on pure lead technology stores in any position without leakage. Keep computer systems up during battery charge. 500 Discharge recharge cycles based on 10 jump starts between recharging. Three month storage between use for fully charged units. 660 amp battery grips fit side and top post batteries. 46 Of #4 gauge cable per grip. 110V. Volt gauge shows battery status. Includes Lighter Plug Adapter with 30" cord to recharge the unit in the vehicle or starts a vehicle without opening the hood if a small boost is needed.

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  • Jump N Carry - 12/24

    Unit of Measure: Sold Individually

    SKU# mt-03732

    3,400/1,700 Peak Amp Jumper Box

    Quick Connects Easily Change Between 12 and 24 Volts

    Use for any 12/24 volt starting system

    The built-in charger for the internal battery can be plugged in for continuous recharging. Easily changes between 12 and 24 volt operation. Features a battery status gauge, heavy-duty insulated grips, and an extra heavy polyethylene case. One year limited warranty.

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6 Item(s)

per page