About Nexemo

Nexemo is a manufacturer-direct purchasing portal for professionals in the Automotive Industry.

The First Of Its Kind

Nexemo provides the industry with a one-stop procurement experience with full visibility of order history. Such functionality provides the Automotive Dealership or Service Center with the most streamlined and organized purchasing capabilities available. It is our goal to provide industry-leading pricing, service and selection while improving the customer's ability to review their own spend history. By providing real-time order history, Automotive Dealerships and Service Centers are empowered with a whole new level of internal controls.

With greater understanding of their company's purchasing patterns, our customers can reduce excess spend and increase profitability.

What Are The Membership Requirements?

In order to become a Nexemo member, we first need to establish the customer's status as an Automotive Professional. This includes Automotive Dealerships, Service Centers and Collision Centers.

Once the customer has submitted their account information and their status is verified, we Nexemo requires a current W-9 and Resale Certification Documentation. After these materials are gathered, the customer is emailed their login information and can begin enjoying the savings and services that only Nexemo can provide.