Windshield Wash Tablets 25 per tube (Sold Individually)

SKU: 1450346

Product Information & Features

Windshield Wash Tablets, 25 per tube (Pack of 1)

Instant Windshield Wash Tablets are super-concentrated and specially formulated to completely remove bugs, road film, dirt and grime, leaving windshields sparkling clean. Each super-concentrated tablet effervesces in plain water until completely dissolved.

  • Each tablet makes one gallon of top-quality cleaner
  • Super-concentrated with three times the cleaning power of ordinary wash
  • Dissolves completely to remove bugs, road film, dirt and grime
  • Engineered to be safe for rubber and paint.
  • Economical solution - significantly reduces shipping costs and the number of plastic containers in landfills
  • 25 tablets per tube

  • Easy to use - Simply add 1 tablet to 1 gallon of water or drop in reservoir of clean water
  • Summer - Add one tablet to one gallon of water or add to reservoir
  • Winter - For triple the cleaning power add one tablet to any antifreeze windshield solvent